Syria’s Local Polls Credibility Under Scrutiny

October 31, 2018

Syrian government held local elections in its controlled parts of the country where Syrians voted for more than 40,000 candidates competed for 18,478 seats on local administrative councils in 88 constituencies included 6551 polling centers.[1]

It is the first local bolls since December 12, 2011, which conducted pursuant to Legislative Decree No.391 of 2011, which fixed the dates of local council elections.[2]

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Aleppo: Remains of Three found in a Mass Grave Left...

October 26, 2018

Three men who had been disappeared coinciding with the pro-government forces’ raids and arrests in Khan al-Asal city[1], Aleppo western countryside in late 2012, were found as remains in a mass grave in 2018.

Idlib: The approaching winter threaten to increase IDPs’ sufferings in...

October 10, 2018

Preface Over 600 IDPs, mostly from Hama eastern countryside, reside Ekhwet Sa'dah Camp, fleeing the hell of fight between the Syrian regular forces and armed opposition factions took place in late 2017[1]. They had no option but to displace and live in tents under intolerably difficult conditions...

Syrian Rebels Accused of Attacks Against Civilians in Mahardah

October 2, 2018

The Syrian regular forces and their allies launched fierce attacks using artilleries and helicopters against the cities of Kafr Zita, al-Lataminah, al-Arbaeen, al-Sayyad, Latmeen, and Qalaat al-Madiq Castle, in Hama northern and western countryside[1], on 7, 8 and 9 Sep. 2018, leaving civilian casualties and significant material...

Excavations in Kafriya and al-Fu'ah Following Rebels’ Control

September 19, 2018

More than 500 pot-hunters were given the green light for conducting excavations in Kafriya and al-Fu'ah villages, Idlib countryside, during August 2018, after being taken over by armed opposition and jihadist groups, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham-HTS[1], Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya Movement[2], and Suqour al-Sham Brigade