Our Team

Iva Vukusic
Board Member

Iva Vukusic, M.A, is a PhD Candidate within the project titled 'Paramilitarism, Organized Crime and the State' at the History Department of Utrecht University. Her research focuses on the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s.

Muzna Duraid
Co-Founder & Board Member

Muzna Duraid holds a bachelor’s degree in translation and languages, French section. Recently, she joined a Master program in conflict resolution and peace-building at Sherbrook University, Canada.

Ghuna Bdiwi

She is currently pursuing her doctorate in law and teaches in Canada. Her Research interest includes: international criminal law, R2P, transitional justice, jus post bellum, refugee law, and international human rights.

Stephen Parks
Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

His motivation for New City Press, however, emerged from his work with the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers (FWWCP), a network of working class writing/publishing groups in the United Kingdom.

Bassam Alahmad
Co-Founder & CEO

Bassam is based in Istanbul, He did a fellowship with the Maxwell school at Syracuse University in New York City in the US, as a part of the program "Leaders for Democracy” (LDF).